Wellbeing & Safeguarding Support

The Apprentice Academy is committed and has a duty to provide support services that ensure the welfare and safety of all our learners.

Our aim is to ensure that learners feel safe, healthy and are fully supported to lead fulfilling lives that benefit themselves, others and their community.

There are many circumstances that can undermine our personal wellbeing and safety at work or home.

The list below highlights just some themes which our team of officers are trained to support:

  • Emotional or mental health challenges
  • Online threats and safety
  • Addictions / drug abuse
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Sexual harassment or abuse
  • Neglect or violence
  • Grooming / drug trafficking (County Lines)
  • Extremist views / radicalisation / exposure to terrorism

To help learners navigate these challenges,  we have curated several training activities, resources, and links to specialist services.

The aim is to raise awareness and help employees to build their resilience and provide them with strategies, so they can confidently cope with multiple scenarios that may be current or present themselves in the future.

Your Wellbeing & Safeguarding Officers at The Apprentice Academy are:

Julie is supported by a team of trained Safeguarding & Wellbeing Officers, shown below:

If you have any wellbeing or safeguarding concerns, please send an email to helpandsupport@theapprenticeacademy.co.uk or if you feel comfortable to do so, speak to your coach.

Please be assured that every concern will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence, will be taken seriously and will be responded to empathetically and in a timely manner.

Should you or anyone you know be at risk of immediate harm, please contact the appropriate emergency service by dialling 999.

All Academy staff are trained to be alert to signs that a learner may be at risk, however, everyone has a role to play in identifying concerns, and we look to our employer partners and other business associates to support our team and to notify us if they have any welfare or safeguarding concerns that relate to our learners.

Self Help Resources

Mental Health

To support mental health and emotional wellbeing all our learners can access our free confidential counselling service (telephone support available).


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Safeguarding/Child Support


Other resources