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What have been the major benefits of employing apprentices?

Employer: Kevin Stelfox
Here at Retirement Solutions (UK) Ltd after much discussion with the Apprentice Academy we decided it would be a valuable option to the business to hire a young apprentice. As a growing small business, we felt that an apprentice with no actual workplace experience would offer lots of energy and because they would have no previous work experience, would offer a fresh perspective and new ideas to the way we conduct our business.

Additionally, because the majority of our organisation uses technology to complete the tasks required, we felt that young people have very strong skills with computers and software packages. The support provided by The Apprentice Academy was a major consideration in the decision, firstly the fact that they employ apprentices themselves, but, also the fact that their in-house trainers provide training throughout the course and help to develop the apprentice to their full potential.

We hired an apprentice initially to be marketing support for one of the company directors, however, it very quickly became apparent that our apprentice had very strong interpersonal skills and high energy. We therefore decided to train the apprentice to be a sales person.

Normally this role in our business is fulfilled with much more mature staff (usually age 30 plus) as we deal with people at retirement age, maturity is something we normally consider as a prerequisite The apprentice we hired has performed to a very high standard in the sales role and with the support of The Apprentice Academy has become a very valuable member of sales staff.

What have you worked on for the company that people wouldn’t believe apprentices do?

Apprentice: Kieran Kenny
Being an apprentice brings responsibility and pressure, the knowing that the role offers the chance to learn and grow as a character whilst still having to be part of a well established team. Being able to channel enthusiasm and energy into a task which is rewarding for both yourself and employer.

Thrive and more responsibility will be given, the idea of an apprentice is a basic role with limited chances however the reality is very different. In my personal role I am dealing with clients who are at retirement age, the clients require time and patience which isn’t something necessarily associated with young vibrant teenagers.

Given the chance opinions can change and doors open that you may not have been considered for previously. Selling to the public and carrying the company brand again is something that wouldn’t been within the initial thoughts of someone considering an apprentice, however with the right mentoring an apprentice can grow in experience and confidence.