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What have been the major benefits of employing apprentices?

Employer: Jody Marks
Their eagerness and willingness to always learn! Our apprentice started as an administrator but came to me and said “can I make MRJ more Social?” This willingness to stand out has been fantastic and her role is now Social Media Manager.

She is motivated, enthusiastic, and is always keen to learn new skills and take on a variety of tasks which will help the business grow. At the same time the chance to train and develop her further and seeing how far she has come in the last 12 months has been a very proud moment for MRJ. I would recommend taking on an apprentice to anybody.

What have you worked on for the company that people wouldn’t believe apprentices do?

Apprentice: Coleen Brett
As an Apprentice I have worked on the digital side of the business and was given the task of setting up and managing our social media and company blog, this involved taking full responsibility for all research and creating all of the content for both social networking and blogging.

I have also worked on the SEO for the company website in order to improve the search engine rankings, for this task I had to research and learn search engine optimization and implement what I had learnt on and offline – it is now my job to maintain the improvements and continue to develop them. I have been given many opportunities to develop my role and to further my knowledge and qualifications in my time at MRJ.