Gazprom Energy

What have been the major benefits of employing apprentices?

Employer: Rebecca Lilly
We believe apprentices bring fresh enthusiasm and innovation to our business. Their passion to succeed means they are keen to learn and carve a career for themselves by integrating fully into the business. Their NVQ work benefits both the apprentice and the business because it is largely based on their working experiences at the company, making it both relevant and a key part of their development.

At Gazprom Energy, several of our apprentices have won awards for their dedication to the company, and we’ve had many apprentices finish their apprenticeships and move into permanent roles in sales, customer service and even supervisory positions. We believe that through working and learning within their apprenticeship they’ve grown with the business and become loyal and valuable employees.

What have you worked on for the company that people wouldn’t believe apprentices do?

Apprentice: Keely Scott
During my time here at Gazprom so far I have organised two cake sales to raise money for Children In Need. Both times have been successful, in 2012 we managed to raise £164.37 and in 2013 we managed to raise £170.00 however the IT department also had a cake sale in 2013 on the 1st floor and raised £115 so in total we raised £285. I think it’s great organising cake sales to raise money for charity as they always seem to be a success and I’m already thinking of other plans for next year!