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What have been the major benefits of employing apprentices?

Employer: Mike Collins

We have enjoyed great success with our apprentice and brought a new member of staff into the business in a cost efficient way. We have been able to develop skills required to operate in our business and develop confidence, capability and pride in the way they work.

We have been able to instill our company values in the apprentice and also encouraged them to take on more responsibility which they have been able to do quickly. It has been fantastic bringing a young person into the business who has shown creativity and has a propensity to learn and absorb new information really quickly which is great.

The other benefit for me is about developing internal talent rather than recruiting externally and having to bring in new employees at a much higher expense. Part of our talent strategy is to develop internally and whilst the development period may be a little longer employing apprentices provides a unique way to develop talent and indeed the future of your business.

Whilst apprentices may be brought in to complete more basic tasks, I firmly believe that with the right development, time and effort and coaching they can achieve great things for your business and develop quickly in any role.

What have you worked on for the company that people wouldn’t believe apprentices do?

Apprentice: Debora Figueiredo
● Public speaking (in front of 50 people)
● Blogging (writing a blog with almost 1000 hits)
● Helping planning events and exhibitions
● Inspiring others
● Managing the DPG Community with Mike
● Creating/Designing websites
● Managing all social media activity, finding content and sending updates
● Planned Community birthday on my own after only 3 months of working at DPG
● Attending events like CIPD ACE and Learning Technologies Conference