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What have been the major benefits of employing apprentices?

Employer: Elaine Papworth
The major benefit for an employer is the valuable work our apprentices carry out. The are both very well motivated and add to the general well being of the office on lots of levels. It is also personally very satisfying to give young people an opportunity to fulfil their potential. What have you worked on for the company that people wouldn’t believe apprentices do?

Apprentices:  Natalie Billinge, Dominic Sheratte & Ellie Warburton
Natalie: I have had the opportunity to be a key team members and one of the main contacts for the deployment of Windows 7 to hundreds of employees within AstraZeneca, across the UK, Sweden and the US. I have also travelled to London with the project, which was an amazing opportunity where I got to meet lots of new people.

Dominic: I have had a key project support role on one of the largest programmes in the company, which is shaping the future of AstraZeneca in the UK. It has been an incredible project for anyone to start on and has allowed me to see many areas of the organisation as well as travelling across the country in only the first few weeks in my job

Ellie: I have had my own role on a major IT project since Day 1, and have responsibility for some key project tasks like finances, and managing risks and issues. We have been able to get involved in a range of activities that will help to develop our skills, like running our own project to gain experience and knowledge, and receiving training in a number of key areas