Learner Terms and Conditions

The Apprentice Academy (TAA) provide an inclusive approach to learning. We believe that learners should be treated with respect by their trainers, coaches and all support staff.  In return, we ask that all learners respectfully to our team and other learners.

The Learner Terms and Conditions is to set out expectations for learner behaviour and the procedures that TAA will use to resolve matters when this is unacceptable.

A learner is any individual on any Apprentice Academy programme.

All learners are expected to adhere to the code of conduct and a breach of this code may lead to a learner being removed from their programme of learning.

Learners have the right, always, to see material concerning them that is kept on file and to request its removal if it is found to be incorrect.

Learners are those signed up to an apprenticeship whilst working for an employer and, as such, represent the employer’s business whilst on programme.


Our code of conduct applies to all the following activities, whether held at the Academy, at the workplace or online.

  • Learning Sessions and Revision Sessions
  • Group Facilitated Discussions and Group Project Discussions
  • Individual Learning Sessions, Coach Discussions and Progress Reviews
  • Pre-arranged Group or Individual Learning sessions for functional skills with specialist tutors

We ask that all learners:

  • Respect others, regardless of culture, ability, race, gender, age or sexual orientation.
  • Show courtesy and respect to all.
  • Show a positive commitment to their own development and learning and respect for another learners’ development.
  • Arrive punctually for any learning and assessment activity, including exams
  • Online learners are required to switch on cameras (if available) so they are able to fully engage and interact with the trainer and other learners
  • Inform the Coach or contact the Academy (0161 200 1673) if unable to able to attend any planned activity
  • Complete/produce all necessary documentation in a timely manner as required by the Education & Skills Funding Agency, End-Point Assessment Organisations and Awarding Bodies
  • Take care of equipment, facilities and buildings and show respect for another person’s property.
  • Abide by our Cheating and Plagiarism Policy.
  • Take due notice and care of your own health and safety and respect for the well-being of others.


The following are examples of behaviour which are considered as misconduct and may result in a learner’s suspension or exclusion from a programme of study.

  • Failure to follow Health & Safety Regulations.
  • Conduct which prevents, obstructs, or disrupts teaching, learning or administrative activity.
  • Breaching of our Cheating and Plagiarism Policy.
  • Failure to follow reasonable instructions.
  • Repeated non-attendance or lateness*
  • Not notifying TAA with regard to absences.
  • Disorderly behaviour or the use of bad or abusive language.
  • Causing damage to the premises, equipment or property of others including TAA
  • Interference with software belonging to or used by TAA.
  • Behaviour or language which is offensive others.
  • Lack of commitment and appliance to own learning and development.
  • Misuse of the online learning platforms
  • Misuse or unauthorised distribution of intellectual property belonging to TAA including programme content, printed and
  • digital support materials.

*where multiple absences or lack of progress occurs, the following actions/schedule will be followed

  • 2 weeks – learner will be given support and asked to catch up with their learning
  • 4 weeks – learner will be given a deadline to catch up with learning/attend regularly/make progress
  • 8 weeks – if the learner has not caught up with learning and started to attend regularly and/or make progress they will be taken off the programme.

The following are considered examples of gross misconduct.

  • Violence or a threat of violence.
  • Drunkenness or illegal use of drugs whilst at work or in learning.
  • Activity that is classified as illegal
  • Failure to follow health & safety instructions that may cause or have caused serious injury.

Disciplinary Procedure

Except in circumstances which are considered acts of gross misconduct, in the first instance, a representative of TAA will bring the issue to the attention of the learner and discuss actions to prevent further issues.

If behaviour continues to be unacceptable/disruptive to the learning of others, they may be asked to leave the activity and there will be further discussion/consultation with the employer. If behaviour is disrespectful to others or is otherwise considered to be gross misconduct, the learner will be asked to leave immediately. In the event of hostile behaviour towards others or suspected illegal activity, TAA will support a decision to contact the police. In all instances, TAA will respect the decision of the representative of the Academy involved in the situation.

When it is necessary to remove a learner from a programme, an investigation will take place, taking note of statements provided by the learner, TAA representative and other eye-witnesses. Where it is found that a learner was removed from a programme with due cause, they will only be accepted back onto future learning programmes on the condition their behaviour improves.