Bullying and Harrassment Policy

1. Policy Statement

The Apprentice Academy is committed to promoting a harmonious working environment, where all colleagues are given equality of opportunity and individuals treat each other with dignity and respect. The constructive discussion of different views and approaches is encouraged and negative behaviours, including bullying and harassment, will be dealt with firmly but fairly.

2. People Affected By This Policy

All employees

3. Procedure (that all staff MUST follow)

3.1 Informal Process

Individuals may not be aware that their behaviour is unwelcome and an informal discussion between the individuals concerned can often lead to greater understanding and an agreement that the offending behaviour will cease. Where appropriate, this approach will be encouraged in the first instance.

Such informal discussions may also be carried out via an independent person, usually a line manager (or a more senior manager if the line manager is implicated) and an informal resolution will be sought.

3.2 Formal Process

Where informal resolution is not possible or the person who has raised the complaint is unhappy with the proposed course of action, they may raise a formal complaint to be dealt with through the Grievance Policy.

An investigation will then be conducted by an independent manager, and a conclusion reached which will be communicated back to the individual who raised the grievance.

The findings of the grievance will also include a recommendation for any further action to be taken, if appropriate, such as formal disciplinary action against the harasser.

All complaints taken up under this procedure will receive a full and fair hearing. Individuals who raise a genuine complaint under this procedure will not be subjected to any unfavourable treatment or victimisation as a result of making the complaint. All measures adopted will be applied in such a way as to preserve confidentiality, where possible.

It should be noted that any individual who makes deliberately false and malicious claims of harassment or bullying will themselves be subject to disciplinary action.