Testimonials and Award Winners

The Apprentice Academy has a long history of developing outstanding, award-winning apprentices. Over the years, we have seen many of these apprentices go on to achieve great success. Some become directors at companies, others team leaders, and some individuals even start their own businesses!

In the video below, Lydia talks about how she started as a Business Administration apprentice in 2011. She has now gone on to become an Associate Director!

To recognise success and impact in the workplace, we encourage our employers to nominate their apprentices for awards. This simple process drives motivation and encourages apprentices to go the extra mile. Meet some of our award winners below:

Award winners in 2020/2021

Award winners in 2019/2020

Award winners in 2018/2019

Award winners in 2017/2018

Award winners in 2016/2017

Further award winners


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