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Research shows that many parents are unaware of the possibilities offered by Apprenticeships.

apprentice-collage-5-4-verticalAccording to the Association of Accounting Technicians over half of parents they surveyed were unaware that an Apprenticeship can lead to a career in the professions such as accountancy and law and over 20% didn’t realise that apprentices were paid a full time wage throughout the Apprenticeship programme. In actual fact there are more Apprenticeship opportunities available in business administration and law than there are trades Apprenticeships!

Apprenticeships are now a true and credible alternative to university and are high on the agenda with the government pledging to create three million new Apprenticeships by 2020, which will contribute billions to the UK economy.

Still not convinced? Here are some other common misconceptions debunked…


Legal Rights

Apprentices have all the same contractual rights as other employees and will be given a contract of employment when they start. That includes receiving holiday pay. 

No fees to pay at all and they are paid a salary

Unlike most ways of learning and gaining qualifications, the government and the employer pay for ALL the training and qualification costs. Apprentices receive a training salary from the employer, receive training and coaching support and have no qualification fees to pay. The national minimum wage for apprentices is £3.70/hour. At The Apprentice Academy the average salary paid to apprentices is more than £10,000 during the first 12 months of the programme

Fulfilling jobs with responsibility

More employers than ever are recognising the value and contribution that apprentices can make to their businesses and are giving them lots of responsibility early on. A great example is one of our digital apprentices Hannah, helped her employer to increase their online sales by £190,000 during the first year of her Apprenticeship! And see the video below of Sam Gilmour at Cargill who is now living in Amsterdam running his own sales team!

Prestigious qualifications

Apprenticeships now include valuable professional qualifications and can be done up to Level 7 which is the equivalent to a Masters Level. Apprentices with us typically start at Level 3 and work their way up from there.

Real career prospects and permanent job offers at the end

At The Apprentice Academy nearly 100% of our apprentices secure permanent jobs at the end of their Apprenticeship or progress onto further or higher education.

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