High Performance Working

Many businesses in the UK are unaware of the term High Performance Working Practices, or HPW and yet the cumulative effect of implementing them not only helps to improve business performance, but also demonstrates to others that you’re a good employer.

The HPW practices fall into four main categories:

SKILL ACQUISTION includes: induction, training plans, annual performance reviews, off the job training, on the job training, work shadowing and evaluation of training

EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT includes: problem solving teams, staff surveys, project teams, suggestion schemes, job descriptions, task variety, task discretion and team briefings

MOTIVATION includes: flexible working, organisational and individual performance bonuses, equal opportunities policy, formal employee consultation procedures, formal discipline procedures and flexible benefits

FORMALISATION includes: Business Plan, IIP and ISO9000 accreditation

HPW practices are most effective when used together, bringing higher employee satisfaction, motivation, involvement and commitment, together with greater opportunities for innovation alongside lower staff turnover.

The practices that most improve business performance include: Having a Business Plan with objectives for the next year, conducting annual performance reviews, setting up problem solving/continuous improvement groups, organising training for managers and supervisors, inductions for new staff and investing in qualifications.

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