Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more highly motivated to make a positive contribution, try harder, perform better and are less likely to leave than their disengaged colleagues.
– The Corporate Leadership Council

Businesses with more engaged employees achieve higher profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction. This is because engaged employees are committed to their organisation’s goals and values and are motivated to contribute to organisational success.

At The Apprentice Academy we offer a practical framework to help you measure and enhance employee engagement so that your organisation can better understand its own drivers for success and find ways to maximise its potential.

Our Engagement Service can be delivered in a number of ways to suit all budgets.

The easiest and most cost-effective method is to gather employees’ views using our online surveys.
Our online survey includes a range of standard and bespoke questions which measures and benchmarks employee engagement, attitudes, perceptions and suggestions.

A report is then produced which will give you a simple ‘dashboard’ of measures to show where your organisation is doing well and areas for you to focus on to build engagement further.

Organisations usually conduct the surveys annually with us so they can benchmark their progress and see how the measures impact on business performance.

If you would like to receive a free example of our engagement report then please get in touch.