360° Feedback

The 360° feedback process helps individuals to gain insight into how others perceive them. It helps employees to recognise their strengths and identify areas for personal development so they can become more effective at work.

How does it work?

The process involves designing an online questionnaire and then distributing it to the manager, peers and direct reports of the individual. Feedback can also be obtained over the phone or face to face with these people if preferred. The questions can be designed in a number of formats to include: grading’s, providing justifications, or simply answering Yes or No. The beauty of the process is that the questions can be tailored to the individual and organisational needs and the feedback is presented back anonymously by one of our skilled coaches.

What does it measure?

The feedback measures behaviours and competencies, and can include how behaviours change when the individual is put under pressure. The tool does not measure “what” individuals do, it looks at “how individuals do it” from the perspective of others who work with them.

The benefits

The process raises awareness for the individual and their manager and helps provides information about skills and the impact of current behaviours on working relationships. It helps to provide a more balanced view of impact compared with traditional appraisal methods that rely on the assessment of a single individual.


To enhance the understanding and development of behaviours and competencies we have incorporated the 360 tool into Leadership & Management Apprenticeships at both Level 3 and Level 5. The tool helps us create a more robust individual learning plan at the beginning and enables us to measure progression at the end. Read more

The cost

We can deliver this service for just one employee or for multiple employees. It’s not expensive and is very effective at helping individuals increase performance and achieve their full potential. For more information get in touch.