Workforce Development and Training

Apprenticeships & Qualifications

Apprenticeships have undergone a radical makeover and are now being designed entirely by employers up to masters level 7. The newly designed standards allow for valuable professional qualifications to be incorporated which has increased their credibility and value significantly.
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Workshops icon

Workshops Delivered by Expert Trainers

All our Apprenticeship programmes incorporate a series of valuable workshops delivered by industry experts. The workshops can also be attended independently by delegates who want to develop skills and knowledge in specific topics.
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High Performance Working

Higher employee satisfaction, motivation, involvement, commitment, creativity, greater opportunities for innovation and lower staff turnover. All this can be achieved by adopting High Performance Working (HPW) practices.
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360° Feedback

360 Degree Feedback is a process whereby employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work with them. This typically includes their manager, peers, and direct reports.
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Personality Diagnostic

If you had the ability to better understand yourself and others, then it follows that you would be a better communicator, have better working relationships and you would naturally perform at a higher level. All it takes is the right tools.
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