Upskill Your Employees

All UK employers can upskill their workforce using Apprenticeship Funds

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Apprenticeships are now set to play a crucial role in developing the UK workforce, by helping organisations to increase employee performance, and business productivity. The Apprenticeship Reforms introduced in 2017, radically changed the way apprenticeships are designed, delivered, who is eligible and how they are funded.

New Apprenticeship Criteria For Employees:

  • Have gaps in their occupational knowledge and skill
  • Work for a company in England
  • Spend > 50% of their time working in England
  • Have the right to work in England
  • Be aged 16 or above (No upper age limit)

There are now over 700 apprenticeship programmes available to employees, ranging from Level 2 to level 7.

Many of the new apprenticeships include valuable professional qualifications for example: CIPS, AAT, ARLA, or IRPM, making them a very attractive and cost-effective way to attract, retain and develop the workforce.

You can access the Top 100 UK apprenticeships here.

By filling gaps in occupational knowledge and skill, employees will increase their confidence, competence and career capability, and organisations benefit, by increasing their performance and productivity.

The Apprentice Academy have a dedicated team focused on helping organisations to understand and make the best use of the apprenticeship funding available to them. For information on programmes due to start over the next couple of months please visit our timetables page.

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