Free Diagnostic

Our GPS points you in the right direction…and it’s FREE!

Alongside our sister company PWG Training, we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of companies from small fast-growing businesses to large blue chip organisations. and over the years we have seen how they lead, manage, motivate and train their people…and what separates the best from the rest.

In order to help others benefit from that ‘know how’ we’ve created a unique diagnostic tool – and we call it Growth People Skills, or GPS for short!

Designed for businesses with at least 20 employees, the GPS diagnostic will literally point you in the right training direction.

It looks at your workforce and quickly identifies your strengths, skill gaps, performance drivers and inhibitors to growth – the results can then be used to help formulate a truly effective people strategy for your business.

Our GPS service is completely FREE to companies in Greater Manchester, and as part of the service you’ll receive a complimentary report at the end.

For more information please get in touch.