CIPS Courses

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In conjunction with our Procurement Apprenticeship programmes we also offer the CIPS Diploma and training commercially to both businesses and individuals.

The Apprentice Academy is accredited as both a CIPS study and exam centre, providing comfortable and modern classrooms, fantastic tutor support, and excellent teaching resources and study guides.

For timetables, prices and to obtain further information why don’t you call us on 0161 200 1673, e-mail us on or fill in the form below.

CIPS Courses – Online Delivery

For all CIPS Courses we offer workshops and exam places in Manchester. Our package includes:

  • Excellent tutor teaching and support
  • Revision sessions and mock exams
  • A full range of teaching and learning resources
  • CIPS Study guides

CIPS Course Timetables

Summer timetable to be confirmed, please get in touch for more details.

Enquire to join the cohorts by using the form below:

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