Youth Unemployment- Are Apprentices the Key?

Britain is facing its latest crisis, youth unemployment. With over one million young people under the age of 24 being out of work, drastic actions need to be taken. Over 15% of young people in the country have no job and are not studying or training to achieve any employable skills, however hope is visible on the continent.

Over in Germany youth unemployment sits at a noticeably low 7.5%, far lower than any other European country. The main reason for this is due to Germany’s successful apprentice programme which targets the majority of school-leavers not wishing to continue to higher education.

Back in Britain one in three young people take the step from FE straight into higher education, however only one in ten take up apprenticeships. Considering the sheer demand for apprentices in Britain, this seems a rather shocking fact. However figures show that one in five employers are hiring more apprentices to help them through the tough economic climate, with over 75% agreeing that apprentices make their workplace more productive. With overwhelming positives it’s hard to believe only one in ten SME’s in the country offer apprenticeships. This is something we at The Apprentice Academy aim to change as we believe that apprenticeships can turn around our youth unemployment problem.

Yet in a dramatic turn of events The Daily Mail recently commented on how Germany is placing one hundred and twenty million pounds into an apprenticeship scheme aimed at young Britons, offering them the opportunity to work as an apprentice for German companies. Proposing a seven hundred pounds a month salary along with two all expenses paid trips home per year and free language lessons, the opportunity seems almost too good to be true. With thirty three thousand apprenticeships on offer will this see a decline in young people taking up apprenticeships in Britain?

With many companies beginning to understand the overwhelming importance and positives of recruiting an apprentice, it seems that Britain is gradually beginning to take action against youth unemployment. However will it be too late? Will we be beaten to the finish line? Will our young people seek employment abroad?

We at The Apprentice Academy have faith as we strongly believe that the need for apprentices in Manchester alone is continuing to grow as people are starting to hear our message.

Want to make a difference – want to be the difference? Recruit an Apprentice today and be the start of something amazing.

Not just to help Manchester, or the young person in question but to help your businesses make more money by saving time, decreasing your work load and freeing up key members of senior staff..

From a survey last year of our lovely customers:

100% would recommend recruiting an Apprentice

100% felt good to help a young person

92.5% thought that Apprentices helped the business to increase productivity

91.3% realised that Apprentices were a cost effective way to recruit

91.3% reported that The Apprentice Academy Apprentices were keen and eager

This survey was conducted in Dec 2012 with 67 Apprentice Academy customers