Youth Employment in Manchester

When it comes to the employment of young people in Manchester, there are both positive and negative aspects.

As much as there are some difficulties, there are also a lot of promising schemes that help young people get into the workplace.  Apprenticeships are a popular way for them to gain valuable knowledge and skills.

For school and college leavers attempting to find work in Manchester, it can prove to be challenging, as employers much prefer to hire more experienced individuals.  There is the argument that an older employee is a more mature employee and that they are more organised, care more about their work and have a better understanding of how to communicate effectively.  This massively hinders a young person’s chance of employment, disparaging their confidence and potentially creating an adverse effect upon their future work.

With this being the case, along with benefit reforms, cultural reasons and human capital, Manchester’s youth unemployment rate is at an all-time low.  2014 however has seen a slight improvement compared to recent years and with the rapidly growing interest in apprenticeships, this rate can hopefully only keep improving.

An apprenticeship is a real job with the opportunity to gain an NVQ.  This means you can make money whilst learning and pick up nationally recognised qualifications along the way.  They cover an abundance of job roles in a wide range of industries and cater for young people from most educational backgrounds; this is why they are so constructive.  They are aimed explicitly at young people and with so many apprenticeship opportunities and providers within the Manchester area, young people can acquire everything they need to be able to both compete with, and stand out from an older person.

The ‘earn while you learn’ incentive makes apprenticeships more alluring to young people, and while the transition from education to work is quite a daunting one, apprentices are provided with mentors and appropriate training specific to the individual’s job which puts them at ease.  This can only help those of the younger generation who choose not to work feel more inclined to.

Like many other cities, youth unemployment is a major issue in Manchester.  However with apprenticeship interest growing and providers beginning to thrive, youth employment rates are on the up and young people are getting recognition for the skills they retain whilst also becoming a lot more willing to work with the inducements available to them.


“Written by Milly, Marketing and Engagement Apprentice”