Why Choose a Career in Marketing?

Why Choose a Career in Marketing?

Do you think you like the sound of a marketing career? Well, we’ll begin with what marketing actually is; it’s all about communicating the value of a product, service or brand to help promote it and ultimately generate more sales and new customers. This sort of role would be ideal for you if you love using your communication skills in a creative way. We’ve come up with 5 reasons why marketing is a great career choice.

It’s a Dynamic Industry

The face of marketing is forever changing, and the increase in time people are spending on the internet is having a huge impact on it. Online marketing is quickly becoming the marketing frontier. There’s also social media to consider, with most people having social accounts it’s the perfect way to try to engage with your audience.


Connect With New People

If we got straight to the point, marketing is about getting your message to your audience and convincing them to buy your product or use your service. To ensure that you are always engaging your audience, you need to understand what interests them and one of the best ways to do that is just going out and meeting them! So, if you’re a people person marketing is definitely a career to consider.


Good Opportunities for Progression

There are 2 main sides of marketing.

The first is working in the marketing department of a business who do their marketing work internally and the second is working for a marketing agency who are employed by businesses to do their marketing externally. In both of these your role can easily progress into a more senior position and you can even find opportunities in project management, PR or market research.


It’s Vital to a Business

Marketing is used by virtually all organisations. It’s essential because it’s a huge part of exposing their brand, products and services to their audiences. Ultimately the quality of the marketing will determine a business’s success or failure. This also means that you can work in a varied number of industries ranging from fashion to a government department to a charity organisation.


It’s One of the Most Creative Industries

Marketing is about keeping up with what’s current and the latest trends. You have to continually work at new and innovative ways to entice your audience. You have the opportunity to apply your creativity in a range of ways from developing marketing strategies to designing content.


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