What Makes a Great Leader?

We are all aware of, and often look up to, some of the great business leaders in history. From Henry Ford to Steve Jobs, great leaders all have attributes that make them head and shoulders above the rest. Here are some factors that help make a leader into a great one.


Passion for their industry

This might sound obvious, but you simply cannot be a good leader if you do not have a passion for the industry that you are working in. Take Steve Jobs for example, yes he was charismatic and had a good business brain, but do you think he would have got anywhere near as far as he did without a passion for technology? Probably not. A good leader wants their company (whether they own it or not) to succeed in its industry, and this passion is noticeable to the employees that they are leading. A leader who has little interest in their industry will come across as unenthusiastic to their employees, and this will eventually crush employee engagement.


Good People Skills

Again, this may sound obvious. But what exactly are good people skills? A good leader’s people skills go beyond their social and public speaking abilities and enable them to focus on their employees as individuals. A good leader views their employees as human beings and treats them as such by setting them individual goals and targets that are specific to each employee’s needs and abilities. Having good people skills means that employees will share the leader’s vision for the future and will increase employee engagement to become the best employee they can be.


Focused on the Common Goal

All leaders will always have a goal in mind for their business. What separates a good leader from a great one is how they choose to achieve it. A great leader understands that there may be obstacles to overcome when reaching this goal, be it financial or otherwise, and prepares for these in the best way they can. A great leader does not let obstacles get in their way, and appreciates that a common goal is one that will not only please themselves, but their employees too.


They are Inspiring

A great leader is someone that others look up to in times of need or uncertainty. Being an inspiration to others means that a great leader will remain calm and focused during these times and is able to see the bigger picture. Even in times when the business is under threat, a great leader will delegate relevant tasks whilst keeping a cool head and a positive attitude. It is worthwhile remembering that a leader should be leading by example and so if you want your employees to remain calm and focused, then you should too!