What does Furlough mean for apprenticeships?

Furlough, otherwise known as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, is now running until 30th April 2021. (New announcement – Furlough extended until end of September 2021). Under the scheme millions of people receive up to 80% of their salaries. Employees can engage the scheme on a full time or part time basis based on the terms agreed with their employers. Recent closures to schools have also meant that some parents with children, are now taking advantage of the schemes.

What can you do as an apprentice on furlough?

Employees who are doing apprenticeships can continue their learning whilst on the furlough scheme. This means they can make good use of the time to gain new knowledge.

Furloughed apprentices can also agree with their employer and training provider, to complete more off the job training than they normally would. Equipment provided by the workplace can also be used to do this, providing no normal work is carried out.

Volunteer Work

Being on furlough does not stop individuals from undertaking volunteer work, providing the location of the volunteer work is COVID-19 secure and you follow the current government guidance.

Progress Reviews with employer

Apprenticeship progress reviews can also continue as normal during furlough, between the line manager and apprentice – as long as the discussion covers the apprenticeship only. Having the progress of the learning discussed, is a great way to motivate individuals and to stay in touch.

How do apprentice wages work on furlough?

If an employer agrees with their apprentice that they can continue to learn, then employers must pay the employee at least the national minimum wage for time spent training. Usually, the furlough payment will cover this, but if not, then the employer must top this up. For more information on this click here ‘Paying your apprentices that are furloughed.

Whilst being on furlough is far from ideal, it can provide a unique opportunity for individuals to focus on their personal learning and development and gain new knowledge and skills for the future.

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