Well-being Tips from Accountancy Coach Becky

By Becky Jones – Academy AAT Coach

Focus on the Numbers

As an Accountancy Coach here at the Academy, it’s fair to say that numbers play a significant role in my job, however recently I have been looking at numbers in a different way.

Working from home 5 days a week certainly brings its challenges, be it lack of motivation, IT frustrations, or reduced physical activity.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been focusing on some new numbers, to help improve my personal well-being and productivity.


10,000 steps a day has been a real lifesaver. Getting out in the fresh air, especially before the working day, by using that previous travel time to increase physical activity, has helped improve my attention span on tasks and increased my creativity when working.


Keeping my lunch to the same time every day and having regular structured breaks, has enhanced my concentration, made planning and prioritisation easier, and kept me on target with my deadlines.


When things feel overwhelming and I can feel stress levels rising, I find the best coping mechanism is to sit back, and use a technique called box breathing. Close your eyes and in your mind imagine drawing a square, as you move along each line of the square, starting at the bottom to the top, inhale for three, as you move from left to right, exhale for three, repeating this on the final two lines of the square. This technique calms the body, reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress, and allows you to reset feeling calmer in your approach, ready to tackle the next task.

Although everyone is handling this difficult time differently, as we transition into our new normal and routines are set to change once again, it is important to implement strategies and coping mechanisms that we can control, to ensure we have some constant in our lives.

I would like to challenge you over the coming couple of weeks to focus on some numbers that bring their own personal benefits and notice the positive impact they can have on your well-being and personal performance.