Top Tips for Teamwork

Being part of a team in the workplace is really common. Sub teams, like the Marketing team and the Sales team, all have a common goal and form the overall team. A bit like defence, midfield and attack in a sports team. Because of this, it is really important for you to have teamwork, an essential skill that helps you get the most out of working in a team and therefore making your company more efficient. Here are a series of tips for teamwork.

1.Listen to other team members

It is good to hear other people’s insights and opinions as this can assist your decision making. At the end of the day, all team members are working towards the same goal, and having an idea about other team members thoughts can result in a faster/more efficient way of doing things, increasing teamwork, as well as coming up with more ideas.

2.Don’t be lazy!

Laziness can demotivate other team members and affect how productive your team is. If one team member is letting others do all the work, it just annoys people and will quickly be discovered in any workplace. Pull your weight and complete the task that will have been delegated to you, and you should be fine.

3.Show respect

Respect is an integral part of working in a team and improving teamwork. If you be disrespectful to other team members, not only will they become demotivated, but they will most likely not want to work with you anymore. Moreover, if you did it from the get go, your team mates first impressions of you will not be good at all and the whole team’s morale with suffer. This would mean the task at hand will be harder to complete, meaning you’re probably going to get in trouble from management! It’s like the domino effect.

4.Be friendly and approachable

By doing this, there is more likely to be communication within a team, which helps everybody involved. If you are approachable, people are more likely to share their ideas and way of thinking with you, which can uncover new insights regarding the tasks you’ll be doing.

5.Don’t take all the credit

This is another way that you can annoy team mates, something you don’t want to do. If you start to take credit for things that you haven’t done, first off it is lying, and secondly your team mates may not get the recognition that they deserve. If you give credit where credit is due, it shows that you value and respect your fellow team members, and this as a result can build solid relationships, which can mean that you are more efficient as a team!

Doing all these things can increase how well you work as a team, and as a result you can meet your companies’ short and long-term goals. You’ll go far! Teamwork makes the dream work!