Top 5 traits of Accountants

The Apprentice Academy provide two AAT accredited accountancy apprenticeships for 16 to 18 years olds looking to go into a finance role. The level 3 Assistant Accounting apprenticeship and the level 4 Professional Accounting apprenticeship. To do either of them, you will require specific traits to excel. With this in mind, here are the top 5 traits an Accountant will need to succeed in their new role.

Organisational and Time Management Skills

A well organised accountant will have a long and productive career. There is a lot of data to keep up with and having a system in place for information retrieval is essential. Prioritisation and managing your time can make all the difference in making sure everything important gets done.

Brilliant with numbers with attention to detail

This may seem obvious, but an accountant needs to be strong with numbers. This strength, plus attention to detail to ensure numbers are correct, will stand you in good stead when under pressure. Accuracy is key, especially with finance being part of many key business decisions.

Client Focus

Client focus is essential for accountants. Making sure that you meet their requirements and understand their needs is crucial, especially when working at an accountancy firm. Aligning to their business needs will mean increased trust, clarity between the client and yourself and a more streamlined service.


Much of the information that Accountants deal with is confidential, and individuals who work in an Accounting function need to remain professional and ethical with the information that they have access too. When others can rely on you to be trustworthy, it makes your role much easier. Ethical practices increase trustworthiness, and it is one area that is covered in our Accountancy apprenticeship programme.

Great Communication Skills and Teamwork

Accountants have stakeholders in many areas. Not only are there external stakeholders who expect a certain level of service, but also internal stakeholders from different departments in the firm you are working in. Having good communication skills will ensure that you meet their requirements whilst also increasing efficiency when working with your fellow finance professionals.

Do you agree with our list? These traits are the first steps to becoming a great accountant, and a valuable member of your new team. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be determined, and you will have a great career as an accountant!

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