The top reasons why the graduates don’t want to go to university

Lydia is a successful qualified Apprentice with The Apprentice Academy and has avoided getting in to debt.  

According to a poll out this week by ‘Not going to uni’, of 1,774 graduates who graduated in the last two years:

76 per cent said they were not informed about the alternatives to university before leaving school.

Of these, more than half (54 per cent) said they would have picked an apprenticeship or vocational training route instead of their degree, had had they received better information.

The top reasons why the graduates would have opted for an alternative to university were:

1)  to avoid debt (77 per cent);

2) to gain a better position at work (61 per cent)

3)  that it would be less stressful than university (39 per cent).

Around a third (31 per cent) said that they were now in an industry for which their degree was “completely irrelevant”.