The Most Popular Apprenticeships in 2020/21

Here at The Apprentice Academy, we regularly track apprenticeship start volumes throughout the UK, and produce a Top 100 list on our website. It’s a great way for employers to see the most popular options and can help with workforce development planning.

The latest data, reveals the number of employees who started apprenticeship programmes in the period August 2020 to January 2021. Furthermore it shows that the popularity of apprenticeships that TAA deliver has not reduced in this period – despite the impact of Covid-19.

Eight of these programmes were in the top 100 in the 19/20 period, with Level 2 Accounts of Finance Assistant entering the list between August 2020 and January 2021. This shows the increasing popularity of level 2 finance apprenticeships, which are a great way to build foundational knowledge of accountancy. They also provide great progression routes. A level 2 finance apprentice can progress to level 3, and then to level 4. With three AAT qualifications under an employee’s belt, they can truly learn all the knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to be a competent accountant. A fully AAT qualified individual can also progress onto higher level programmes like ACCA and CIMA.

By far the most popular apprenticeship in this period was the Team Leader level 3 programme, with 8300 starts. It had a whopping 1250 more people starting than the Business Administrator programme, which had the second most amount of starts. This came as no surprise, as both apprenticeships have been the most popular choices since 2017, when the apprenticeship reforms commenced.

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