The Benefits of Being a Business Admin Apprentice

Confidence Increase

Becoming a business admin apprentice could do wonders for your confidence around people. Working in business administration means that you will most likely be meeting and greeting office visitors, so you will naturally become more confident and you will be able to develop your people skills. This is very important in a business environment!


Allows you to develop soft skills

As a business admin apprentice you will be gaining a work-based qualification. This means that you will be working in full time employment as well as attending college every now and again. Joining the office environment at a young age means that you will develop important soft skills such as: organisation, communication, ability to work under pressure, time-keeping, teamwork and managing your own performance, amongst many others! Having these soft skills can give you a huge advantage over others in the business job market later on in life.


It is versatile

The business admin apprenticeship can include many areas of office based work such as telecommunications, filing, photocopying, inputting data, note taking, computer systems, customer service… to name a few! This versatility means that the business admin apprenticeship is really good for young people who are not one hundred percent sure which area of business they would like to break into.


It gives you experience of working in an office

Most companies have an office, so this can prepare you to work in an office environment in many different industries as well as giving you a valuable insight into office culture. Working in an office environment means that you will have knowledge of things like email etiquette, dress code and professional mannerisms.


Encourages an entrepreneurial flare

If you are an entrepreneur in the making then a business admin apprenticeship could be the right path to take you on your way to being the next Steve Jobs! Working in business from a young age means that you will have much more on the job experience than many other young people and the soft skills and confidence that you will develop means that you will most likely stand out in future interviews. The business admin apprenticeship will also teach you all about managing lots of different tasks at once – essential if you dream of being a successful entrepreneur!


The Apprentice Academy have a dedicated team focused on helping organisations to understand and make the best use of the apprenticeship funding available to them, and deliver Business Administration apprenticeships for aspiring apprentices. For information on programmes due to start over the next couple of months please visit our timetables page.