Testimonials from Housing and Property Management Apprentices and Employers

Recorded during Covid-19 lockdown, Luke, Clemence, Fernando and Matthew talk about their Housing/Property Management apprenticeships! They talk about the workshops, training materials, support from their coach and more! They are also accompanied by Ian and Liz, who talk about why they recruited apprentices and why they will continue to use apprenticeships to train and hire staff, as well as develop Future Talent!

Discover more about our Housing/Property Management programme here – http://theapprenticeacademy.co.uk/apprenticeships/housing-property-management/

Read up on the employers who hired these apprentices here:

Scanlans Property Management – https://www.scanlanspropertymanagement.com/

Oakland Residential – https://oaklandresidential.co.uk/

Estate Management Solutions – https://estate-management-solutions.co.uk/