Testimonials from Procurement Apprentices

In the following video, Procurement apprentices Jemma and Ellie talk about their apprenticeship programmes! They talk about their day to day duties, what they learned throughout the programme, and the tutors at The Academy.

There are a number of key insights touched on in the video. Jemma points out that you are not just learning a subject to pass an exam. Above all, an apprenticeship actually enables you to apply the knowledge you learn, to your daily job role, as a result making you more professional.

Ellie agrees, citing regular contact with her coach enabled her to embed the knowledge she learnt. Ellie also comments on the fact that although she has a university degree in Business Management, the apprenticeship allowed her to learn more niche and specialised procurement terms and theories. As a result, this deepened her skills and competencies.

Furthermore, Jemma also talks about how she was worried about balancing childcare, her full time job and the apprenticeship programme. However, she goes onto say that the flexibility of the programme and the online lessons quickly squashed those fears.

Enjoy the video!

A big thank you to Jemma and Ellie for getting involved.

In addition to the video, you can learn more about our procurement programme here.

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