Interviewing Apprentices: Dos and Don’ts

For a young person with little to no work experience, a job interview can be a very daunting and nerve-racking prospect. Here are some interviewing dos and don’ts to think about which will make the whole process less of an ordeal for them, and will enable you to see the real person underneath the nerves as well as enabling you to hire the best apprentice for the job.

Start Your Apprenticeship Confidently from the First Handshake

Your handshake is going to be one of the first impressions of yourself that you give to your interviewer. Although not a verbal gesture, a handshake is just as important, it speaks volumes about the person doing the shaking. Understanding the psychology behind a handshake could be the turning point in your career as an apprentice.

How to answer ‘What is your biggest weakness?’

If there is one question that will put an unprepared candidate off balance it’s this one! We are all used to talking about our strengths, but how do you admit to a weakness? There is nothing at all wrong with a weakness, everyone has them, but what you need to do here is find a way to answer the question positively and showcase your outstanding abilities.