Successful Apprentice: Tom Reeve

When an amazing Apprentice does something worth writing about, we make sure we do!

Tom Reeve has been working at Online Ventures for over a year now and was recently promoted to Data Analyst – we’re very proud of all of the hard work that he has put in during his 12 months working there.

Tom is one of the many Apprentices to be offered a full time position (82%) at their placements after completing their Apprenticeship – we celebrate each and every one of them.

We did a quick interview with Tom about his new role and his time at Online Ventures, have a read of what he said below.

1. What were you most nervous about when starting your Apprenticeship?

There were a few things that unnerved me when I was starting my apprenticeship. Firstly I didn’t know how well I would fit in, and secondly I didn’t know if I would meet the expectations of the company I was working for.

2. What was the biggest challenge you faced while doing your Apprenticeship?

Adapting to the world of work and everything entailed.

3. What is it about working at Online Ventures that you enjoy the most/find the most exciting?

Simply being able to contribute to a company that I am passionate for and enjoying every working day.

4. What made you decide to choose an Apprenticeship with The Apprentice Academy?

To be honest I didn’t actually join the Apprentice Academy through their main website. I was applying for a standard job role and when I arrived at my interview location I found out I was actually being interviewed for an Apprenticeship scheme. Looking back I am lucky to have come across that particular job role or else I would not be where I am today.

5. Would you recommend an Apprenticeship with The Apprentice Academy to other people?

Absolutely, I don’t think there is a single fault I can name. Everything from the amount of contact and support they give during and leading up to each interview, to the commitment they give to each young person is second to none.

6. What do you love most about your new role at Online Ventures?

I love learning new skills and knowing that everything I do is contributing to the business. I also just enjoy working with amazingly talented people.

7. What are your career aspirations for the future?

At the moment I want to continue learning and improving myself taking on bigger tasks and perhaps leading a few of them as well.
I think it would be good for me to expand my knowledge within other areas at Online Ventures so I can therefore contribute more to the business.


Congratulations to Tom, we wish you all the best for the future and we promise to keep in touch!