Studying AAT with The Apprentice Academy in 2021

2021 sees The Apprentice Academy go into its fifth year delivering Accountancy programmes. Two of which, 2019 and 2020, saw us achieve the AAT Apprenticeship Training Provider Of The Year. So, what makes TAA stand out from the crowd? In the following blog, we will discuss what makes The Academy different from other training providers, and why now might be a great time to start learning.

How The Apprentice Academy makes it easier for learners

Firstly, we care passionately about all our learners and go above and beyond to support them with all their learning needs. If they struggle on a particular topic, we provide additional tuition outside of learning sessions, to make sure we get each learner to where they need to be.

In addition, our new Academy Live programme breaks every unit down into bite-sized chunks. This makes it easier for the learner to understand each topic.

Following each recorded learning session, we have put in place knowledge checks to test learner knowledge, and then a skills test which tests their application of that particular skill. We do this using our dedicated VLE system, where learners also have access to a variety of materials. As a result, every apprentice is prepared for their exams.

The way the programme is structured is unique to the Academy. At TAA we help the learner to complete the portfolio from day 1, as opposed to many providers who leave it to the end of the apprenticeship.

Exam results are high

The first time pass rates amongst our learners are very high, consistently exceeding the national averages by at least 20%. First time pass rate highlights from our 2019/2020 cohorts include:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions exam – with a 95.74% pass rate
  • External Auditing exam – with a 100% first time pass rate.
  • Management Accounting: Budgeting exam – with an 85.71% first time pass rate.
  • Management Accounting: Costing exam – with an 86.67% first time pass rate.
  • Professional Diploma Synoptic exam – with an 86.67% pass rate.

The ‘Professional Discussions’ for both level 3 and 4 had 100% pass rates.

Using AAT as a progression route

Each year, many of our level 3 Assistant Accountant apprentices progress onto our level 4 Professional Accountant programme. 2021 is no different, with many deepening their competencies and becoming more capable accountants. This adds value to their business and aids them in developing more transferable skills.

Make 2021 a year for learning new knowledge and skill and Join The Academy

AAT programmes are proving to be a popular choice in 2021 for accountancy learners – despite the pandemic. All our programmes are running online which means there is no need to travel and it is safe for learners. Even the AAT exams can be done online. This means we have increased the number of cohorts to ensure we have enough places for everyone. The next online level 2/3/4 programmes are starting on the 9th, 10th, and 11th February. Enquire about joining one of the programmes by completing the form below or view the full timetable here.


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