Start Your Apprenticeship Confidently from the First Handshake

The handshake, a social custom that signifies a mutual respect between parties, it is a sign of friendship and openness, so underestimate at your peril!

Your handshake is going to be one of the first impressions of yourself that you give to your interviewer. Although not a verbal gesture, a handshake is just as important, it speaks volumes about the person doing the shaking. Understanding the psychology behind a handshake could be the turning point in your career as an apprentice.

Here is our ‘How To’ guide on shaking hands in a professional environment:

–          Most importantly, pre hand shake, discretely wipe the palm of your hand if you are nervous and sweaty.

–          Then whilst making eye contact and smiling, extend your arm with your hand stretched out in front of you.

–          Get the right grasp! Just enough so no one will view you as passive or intimidated. The ‘floppy’ handshake gives off the impression of disinterest, which is not an image you want to start on or leave behind!

–          Shake your hand up and down twice, this is all that is necessary.


The average handshake lasts from 1 to 3 seconds, so let the interviewer let go first. The perfect handshake will show that you’re friendly, open, confident and interested. All of the traits an employer is looking for. So don’t wait, shake a few hands and get some feedback before your big day!

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