The Importance of Onboarding Strategies for New Recruits and Apprentices

Did you know that entry level positions had the highest staff turnover rate in 2022 at 35% (HR Review 2023), with many new recruits determining their job commitment within the first six months of employment? The factors influencing this are diverse, however effective onboarding plays a fundamental part in the engagement process.

Research emphasises the importance of a warm reception and recognition of new employees. A past survey by The Apprentice Academy found that apprentices contributed significant value in just eight weeks, referred to as the “Magic 8 weeks” if employees were onboarded well.

Successful onboarding supports the integration into company culture and quicker productivity. The shared goal should be to create a comfortable environment where apprentices are motivated and aligned with the company’s ethos, leading to heightened engagement and commitment. This is especially important if workers spend large amounts of time working alone in remote settings.

Recruitment is a costly exercise for businesses and successful onboarding is pivotal to long term success and retention. According to HR Review 2023 it costs a business 34.5% of an employee’s salary just to find and hire a new employee. Commencing apprenticeships with a supportive environment not only sets a positive tone but is essential to financial prosperity.

A proactive welcome process should begin from the first day, with frequent contact, clear goals, and role expectations, which helps to give apprentices a sense of purpose. Regular feedback is essential especially for younger apprentices who are starting work for the first time.

The Apprentice Academy offers a wealth of experience in onboarding new learners, particularly younger learners who are new to the workplace, offering much guidance and support. By offering these services over 90% of our apprentices have completed their programmes successfully and have secured long term permanent employment.

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