Ofsted Rate The Apprentice Academy ‘Good’

Ofsted Inspectors Rate The Apprentice Academy as a ‘Good’ Apprenticeship Training Provider.

In July 2023, The Apprentice Academy was inspected by Ofsted and received a ‘Good’ rating in all areas covering: The quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and overall effectiveness. The public report is now available.  Here is a quick summary of the main points:

A Positive Rewarding Learning Environment: Learners speak highly of their training and coaching, with apprentices actively contributing to improving processes and adding significant value to their businesses. Learners know what they have done well and what they need to do to improve.

Well Sequenced Curriculum: The Academy’s curriculum aligns with apprentices’ needs, allowing them to gradually build skills over time. Examples include leaders introducing additional resources to the data analyst apprenticeship to develop apprentices’ programming language skills before moving on to artificial intelligence. Curriculums progress logically, allowing apprentices to incrementally build their knowledge, skills, and behaviours and recall learning.

Individual Tailored programmes: Apprentices receive individual learning plans to develop their skills, and coaches revisit these plans regularly to track and monitor apprentices’ progress effectively. Apprentices develop substantial new knowledge, skills and behaviours. Trainers and coaches use assessment effectively to check apprentices’ learning and identify gaps in their knowledge.

Effective Training and Coaching: High attendance rates are attributed to skilled trainers and coaches who empower apprentices with industry-specific knowledge and skills. Operations/departmental manager apprentices reported a transformation in their ability to manage teams effectively, thanks to their ongoing training and learning sessions.

Inclusive and Respectful Learning Environment: The Apprentice Academy fosters an inclusive learning environment where apprentices respect diverse perspectives and are sensitive to others’ needs. Examples include finance apprentices engaging in respectful discussions around topics like the code of ethics, while housing and property management apprentices learn how to communicate sensitively with anxious residents.

Personal Development and Growth: Apprentices develop professionally and personally, growing in confidence and self-esteem, increasing their resilience and work-based productivity.  Apprentices are well prepared for their next steps. Apprentices move into promoted posts, receive higher salaries or progress on to higher level learning at the end of their apprenticeships.

For more detailed information you can read the full report at this link.