New Lockdown Hobbies

This week the Apprentice Academy staff share some of their new hobbies and what they have been learning in lockdown.


With the absence of a daily commute, more time has been spent in the kitchen! The lockdown has given us the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Recruitment Manager Sam talked about the amount of baking that she has been doing in episode 4 of the Motivation Monday Podcast. Her inspiration for taking up the new hobby was Jack Monroe, from ‘Cooking on A Bootstrap.’ You can buy the book that inspired Sam here.

Learning A New Language

Whilst we have some extra time and all dreaming about our next getaway there is no better time to start learning another language. There are several ways to pick up your next foreign phrases from phone apps to online courses, German to Mandarin, there are a multitude of methods to learn.

Our MD Alison has been learning Italian using Duolingo, a completely free tool for learning which lets you learn at your own pace. 5 minutes a day!


Meditation has several science-backed health benefits including reducing stress, enhancing self-awareness, controlling aggression, and improving moods. In a time where mental wellbeing has never been so important, is it time to learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness?

One of our Accountancy coaches Jacqui has been using the ‘Headspace’ app. She talked more about how meditation benefits her in episode 2 of the Motivation Monday Podcast.

Headspace App –

Staying Fit

With gyms closed and outdoor exercise being weather permitted, the rise of online fitness classes is an obvious one. We have seen online HIIT sessions, Pilates, Yoga and PE sessions from the likes of Joe Wicks which staff have been getting involved in.

The NHS has also been sharing their ‘Live Well’ and ‘One You’ campaigns for working out at home:

Whilst keeping fit may not be a new hobby for some of our staff, it is something that they have not given up despite the lockdown and who knows it might help with all the baking we’ve also been doing!