The Most Popular Apprenticeships in 2022/2023

At The Apprentice Academy, we regularly track apprenticeship start volumes throughout the UK, and produce a Top 100 list on our website. It’s a great way for employers to see the most popular options and can help with workforce development planning.

At the time of publication, there are currently 853 apprenticeship standards approved for delivery in the UK. A huge number, covering many specialisms and industries. The latest data reveals the number of employees who started apprenticeship programmes in the 2022/2023 period. The Academy delivers 8 of the top 100 programmes, with starts volumes remining high year on year. These 8 are shown below:

Business Administrator, Data Analyst and Data Technician were among the top 20 most popular apprenticeships in the UK! With Data becoming such a big part of our occupational lives, it is no surprise that people want to increase their knowledge and skills in these areas. Furthermore, employers are seeing the benefits of having skilled data analysts in their organisations, leading to increased demand for these programmes.

Level 2, 3 and 4 accounting apprenticeship standards remain in the top 100, showing the long-term popularity of these programmes. All three include AAT qualifications and are a vital component for businesses throughout the UK.

For the first time since 2017, there is a new most popular apprenticeship in the UK. In previous years, Team Leader and Business Administrator were by far the most popular apprenticeship programmes in the UK. In the 22/23 period, Early Years Educator surpassed them both to get the top spot.

To see the full Top 100 list, visit – Top 100 Apprenticeships | The Apprentice Academy