Manchester’s Innovation

Innovation /ɪnəˈveɪʃ(ə)n/:

1. the introduction of something new        2. a new idea, method or device.


Manchester is the home of many great talents, gadgets and gizmos and we’re certain that there is still more great developments to come from Manchester. Who knows, it may even be from you!

It’s difficult not to blow our own trumpet but we’re going to anyway, with just a drop in the ocean of some of the brilliant innovations that have blossomed in Manchester.


Manchester Piccadilly is Manchester’s biggest and busiest train station with 24 million people passing through, however Manchester Liverpool Road was the first train station in Manchester in 1830. In fact the Manchester to Liverpool line was the first constructed with the intent to carry passengers and not just goods to and from Liverpool docks. The station has been closed since 1975 and is now part of Museum of Science and Industry where you can visit the Station Building and learn more about Manchester’s railways. Not only that but another station, Manchester Central, has been closed since 1969 and is now used as a major conference and event centre. This is perfect evidence of Manchester’s innovation and demonstrating the multipurpose of an idea. Think of an idea you’ve had, there may be many more possibilities to it that you couldn’t initially see!

Sticking with transport, Manchester was the meeting place of C.S Rolls and Henry Royce at the world famous Midland Hotel on Peter Street. After they met they in 1904 it was only two years later when Rolls Royce sold their first car and the company was born. Okay so the car wasn’t officially built in Manchester but Mr Royce did have a factory in Manchester prior to the joint venture and relocation to Derby, so we can claim this one!

Do you remember the films ‘127 Hours’, ‘SlumdogMillionaire’ and ‘Trainspotting’? How about the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony? They all have one Mancunian in common- director Danny Boyle who was born and raised in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. The director and screenwriter now has a net worth of $40 million and is in ever popular demand! Danny has a big investment into Manchester as he is the patron of HOME, a cultural hub for Manchester. If you’ve ever fancied showcasing your own work whether it be theatre or music check out HOME and follow in Danny’s footsteps.

Pick one- City or United? Whichever team you support from Manchester you can’t avoid the fact that the first professional league was officially set up here, at the now demolished, Royal Hotel in 1888. This was the Football League (now known as the Sky Bet Football League). Besides City and United having been in the Football League, smaller Manchester teams are within the League’s divisions, making football one of the biggest industries/ incomes for Manchester.  When the League was first established there were only 12 teams, now (in 2016) there are 72. It just goes to show that a little innovation and a small idea can grow into a bigger and greater thing!

Finally Manchester’s technology innovation not only includes the father of modern computer science – Alan Turing but most recently, in 2004, Manchester invented Graphene. The ultra-light, stronger than steel and thinnest material ever is a revolution in technology that has many applications. Learn more about it here!

Innovation may not always lead to becoming a multimillion pound idea or change the world instantly, but by coming up with a small change to your day-to-day life may increase your productivity to produce better work.

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