Lydia Whitelegg from Apprentice to Director

In the following video, Lydia Whitelegg talks about her journey from business administration apprentice in 2011, to being an Associate Director at Halecroft Recruitment a decade later! Lydia is the first of our apprentice alumni that we have spoken to.

Halecroft Recruitment offer services to employers and candidates, who are looking for executive roles, HR & recruitment jobs, and more. They do this both locally and nationally.

Lydia is a real advocate for apprenticeships. She speaks about how excited she gets when her clients ask about apprenticeships, harking back to her experience of completing two programmes herself.

Lydia also mentions how her coursework went hand in hand with her job role. This is perfect for an apprenticeship programme.

In the video, you will learn about Lydia’s career journey, which also includes the completion of the team leader apprenticeship, her thoughts on apprenticeships as a whole, and how she got to where she is now:

Thank you to Lydia for getting involved in the video! Above all, it is great to see her doing so well in her career!

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