Leadership Training can stop you falling into the ‘Loser Trap’

I recently attended a Leadership Training management masterclass at The Apprentice Academy, where we discussed the importance of putting into practice what we learn straight away or risk losing the knowledge gained.

According to American educational theorist David A. Kolblearning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.” Kolb’s ‘Learning Cycle’ is a well-known theory about how we learn from our experiences of life and takes us through a cyclical journey of learning that leads us to ‘trying out and testing out new skills and abilities.’

This is where the learning and knowledge is put into practice, however, if this is not done, we fall into the ‘Loser Trap.’

What is the Loser Trap?

We are all guilty of falling into this trap when we are in the throes of learning, eager and fully engaged.

We always have the best intentions to take in the knowledge and use this to improve our lives.

However the planning and the intention to do something is the easy part, the trickier part is doing it!

The Loser Trap is there to ensnare you and for many, there is no escape. You might blame colleagues, friends, family, circumstances or a myriad of other distractions that stop you from doing the doing.  And justify this until you truly believe you’ve done all you can and convincing yourself that “it’s not my fault”.

But let’s take a step back. How good it would be to recognise this and say, “not this time!”

Refocus, take control, use your knowledge and put into action.

Leadership training

Don’t be a Loser!

So, when you learn something new, apply it straight away rather than filing it

 away for later. Practice it and reflect on it. Show someone else and discuss it. Stay with it and make it the new norm or habit.

Shifting to a new habit is the hard part as we soon revert to our old ways when we do not see instant results. To help you with making changes The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a great read and resource for helping you become more effective in your working day or private life. It’s helped me revaluate my own life and proactively make changes.

If you’d like to talk to us about Leadership Training then please get in touch with The Apprentice Academy today on 0161 200 1673 or email contactus@theapprenticeacademy.co.uk.

Mandy Jones, Leadership & Management Coach, The Apprentice Academy