Leadership and Management Apprenticeships with The Apprentice Academy

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships are a valuable way for a business to gain competitive advantage, increase employee engagement and drive business performance by enabling managers to gain a broad range of essential skills to become a highly effective team leader or manager, and achieve an accredited qualification.

With two levels available there are plenty of starting points for both new managers and managers with more experience. Managers play an integral role in supporting individuals and organisation to achieve their goals and objectives. The Level 3 Team Leader/ Supervisor Apprenticeship is ideal for those in a first line management role with responsibility for managing others. The Level 5 programme is ideal for mid to senior level managers who wish to develop full leadership and management competence and gain a formal qualification.

We sat down with Vicky Woolcock from Kuits Solicitors to discuss how she feels after completing her Level 3 Leadership and Management Apprenticeship with The Apprentice Academy. Watch the video here!

With more and more organisations signing up to our Leadership and Management Apprenticeship it is clear that higher level Apprenticeships are now being more and more recognised in a range of industries.

If you’d like to talk to us about our Leadership and Management Apprenticeship or any other qualifications then please get in touch with The Apprentice Academy today on 0161 200 1673 or email contactus@theapprenticeacademy.co.uk.