Is your Business Ready to Recruit an Apprentice?

At The Apprentice Academy, we are on a mission to help as many employers as possible to create job opportunities and tap in to the wonderful world of Apprentices. Over the years, experience has taught us that some businesses are better suited to starting a scheme than others. So we’ve developed a quick checklist for companies who might be considering hiring an Apprentice for the first time.

Is your business in a growth phase, or do you find that admin activities are taking up your valuable time?

Apprentices are perfectly placed to take lower impact tasks off of more experienced staff to create a leaner working environment.

Do you currently employ 5 or more employees? 

Success shows us that in most cases – at least 5 staff should be employed in the business in order to have enough time to train Apprentices effectively and allow them to add more value. Your Apprentice learns best when they can observe a variety of people in the workplace. As this creates a fully rounded experience for them.

Can you support an Apprentice whilst giving on the job training?

Having a dedicated manager or supervisor is key to how your Apprentice will learn and grow. This will allow them to become fully operational and adding value very quickly.

Are you open and transparent in your communication?

Feedback, feedback and more feedback is how an Apprentice will flourish and grow. You must be able to communicate openly to get the best from them.

Is your answer to most of these questions yes? Then you are certainly in the right place to take on an Apprentice with your organisation. The process is very simple to implement and with the right training provider by your side, who will support you every step of the way, amazing things can happen.

If you’d like more information about hiring an Apprentice, give us a ring on 0161 200 1763 or head over to this page.