Innovating with our Apprenticeship Delivery

By Amy Downes – Academy AAT Coach

Change Brings Innovation and Opportunity

Whenever the world has been faced with monumental crisis, the reaction and coping mechanisms often lead to innovation. Take the World Wars, for example; technology, medicines and society evolved and moved forward. Computers were originally created during World War 2 to speed up the cracking of Enigma codes, Colossus was the name of the first computer and without we would not be where we are now, with smart phones, tablets. This invention based a solid foundation to really drive technology forward and create amazing experiences for everyone as well as keeping everyone connected. The whole world is learning to adapt to changes and respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Each country is strategizing to protect its businesses and communities and with that comes innovation. At the Apprentice Academy (TAA) we are no different. Over the past 5 months, TAA have been working hard to develop new technologies and processes, to create a new way of delivering apprenticeships. All our programmes are now available online – with learners taking part in live interactive learning sessions – without the need for any travel.

Our New AAT Delivery Model

Our online experience provides learners with all the tools they need to be successful and succeed. A successful, online learner needs to have great time management, self-motivation, persistence and commitment, and above all be accountable. The learning model we have developed takes all these aspects into account. For instance, the ‘Academy On Demand’ model, one of the options on our AAT programme, has been created specifically for learners who want 100% flexibility and do not want to attend live, interactive learning sessions.

This On Demand programme has been designed to include the following elements:

  • Online Video Tutorials – no longer than 30 minutes each to maximise learning, with bite sized chunks. Recent research has shown that the little and often approach to learning is more effective than longer teaching sessions. These videos are available 24/7 and have been recorded by our experienced and specialised tutors.
  • Knowledge Checks – A series of specially designed questions to assess the learning and ensure a full understanding.
  • Extended questions – To embed the learning and test the knowledge with exam style questions.
  • Mock Assessments – Check your competency before you take the real exam, building confidence and assisting revision.
  • Tutor support – Weekly calls with an experienced AAT trainer, the learner should feel fully supported and be held accountable for their learning each week to ensure progression and success. This is an opportunity to address and problem areas with your tutor as and when they arrive, to make the revision phrase more effective.

These courses have been designed to be inclusive and flexible in the sense they can be completed anywhere at any time.

As an alternative to this more self-disciplined approach to learning, TAA also offer an ‘Academy LIVE’ model which blends multiple ways of learning with live interactive learning sessions (online). This is by far our most popular model, which is highly interactive, allows learners to engage with others and work together in a more stimulating environment. These apprenticeship programmes are now available for Management, Procurement, Accountancy, Business Administration and Property Management and through this innovation process, TAA can support businesses and learners throughout the UK.

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