Industry Insight From Property Management Apprentices

Over the last few months, The Academy have spoken to a number of Property Management apprentices and their employers about their experiences on the programme so far, if they have found the apprenticeship beneficial, and about various industry insights – such as the new RoPA legislation, which will mean all property managers will need an industry relevant qualification.

One of the key insights from this video is that age is not a factor when doing an apprenticeship. Emma Plews revealed that she has been working at Watson Property Management for eight years, but has still gained a huge amount of knowledge from the apprenticeship. The development programmes are available to all employees of all ages who want to develop their Property Management knowledge and skills to a higher level. Graduates can also learn via this apprenticeship route.

With all this in mind, we have produced the following video, featuring:

  • Emma Plews, Maintenance Surveyor at Watson Property Management.
  • Lewis Babbington, Property Manager at Urban Bubble.
  • Ian McGenis, Partner at Scanlans Property Management.


A special thanks to Ian, Emma and Lewis for getting involved. You can learn more about each of their companies here:

More information about our Property Management Apprenticeship programmes.

Do you have a question about Property, or perhaps any of our other apprenticeship programmes? You can contact us by clicking here – Contact The Academy.