Housing Industry Supporting Apprenticeships Throughout Pandemic

The Housing Industry retains employees post lockdown and supported apprenticeship training throughout pandemic. 

Despite a turbulent, last few months – the Housing and Property Management industry has remained strong, supporting their apprenticeship learners throughout this period.

25% of learners were furloughed, but all are now back in work. It is an industry that simply can’t sit still and it is testimony to the sector where learning was still able to continue, during this time of great change for everyone.

This required a huge amount of flexibility and innovation on everyone’s part, with technology playing a significant role. Microsoft Teams and Zoom are now referred to, as much as shopping and parties!

Teaching and training plans had to be re-written for the new online environment, face to face workshops were replaced with group Teams meetings, 1-2-1 meetings now mean only 2 people on the group chat forum and business dress is only relevant from the waist up.

It has taken a huge effort from all learners, employers and training providers to make this work. Nobody missed a beat, with Apprentice Academy coaches and trainers increasing contact and support with all their learners.

Steve Colley one of our coach and trainers commented ‘I am finding remote workshops working extremely well. From very early on I was delivering to groups of around 15 in workshops and from a connection point of view if a meeting was scheduled for 10:00 it started at 10:00, with all members present, which in itself is credit to everyone getting to grips with the technology at such an early stage. The support from all of the companies I work with has been outstanding and every change I have had to make has been embraced at every level and that, very simply, may well be the reason the industry has been able to manage these changes and retain staff.’

The Property Management industry clearly recognises the need for well-trained employees and as such didn’t only ensure they didn’t lose anyone during lock down they went that stage further to ensure training continued. The Apprentice Academy works with the Housing and Property Management industry to provide apprenticeships that will continue to maintain this high level of support.

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Watch below as some of our Housing apprentices and employers talk about their experience on the apprenticeship programme: