Housing Apprenticeship Vs University

It’s that time of year when students all around the country are making decisions that will map out their career path and it’s fair to say that there are now a variety of options open. Is the Housing/Property Management apprenticeship route an option for you?

It’s important to clarify from a very early point that the alternatives to choosing a University route do not have to be “the fall back” if you haven’t got the results you were expecting but offer a legitimate career path.

It is also fair to say that parents still have a huge influence on the path their children take which is why the results of a survey recently commissioned by CMI are so important:

  • 51% of parents surveyed would encourage their children to apply for an apprenticeship rather than university.
  • 59% of parents surveyed thought an apprenticeship provided better job prospects than a university degree.

Let’s talk careers and how the Housing and Property Management Level 3 Apprenticeship supports this route.

The Property Apprenticeship option covers a wide range of skills and is designed to support a variety of roles within what is a rapidly growing industry, such as …

Property Manager, Generic or specialist Housing Officer or Neighbourhood Officer (for example Antisocial behaviour, resident involvement, Tenancy sustainment, Homelessness, Repairs, Sheltered Housing) Neighbourhood Co-ordinator / Advisor, Lettings Officer / Allocations Officer / Tenancy Officer / Income Management Officer, Leasehold Management Officer / Private Sector Housing Officer / Strategic Housing Officer, Negotiator/Senior Negotiator.

There is added value for a student moving directly into employment while learning in that the Housing and Property Management Apprenticeship includes an industry recognised qualification with either IRPM or ARLA.

The eventual outcome is that in the same time it would take to complete a university course someone taking the apprenticeship route would have achieved a Level 3 qualification, gained an industry accreditation with the ARLA or IPRM letters after their name and received relevant industry experience. All in all a very solid start to any career offering a very credible alternative to University.

Get in touch with us at The Apprentice Academy and we would be delighted to explain how our Future Talent programme matches the right apprentice with the right employer. There are currently positions available for the next group so whether looking for an apprentice or looking to start a career in housing and property management working for an industry leading company then call the Apprentice Academy.

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