Future Talent 2021 – Find Your Perfect Role

We are pleased to announce that our Future Talent programme has returned for 2021! Employers are preparing to hire their next apprentices to start in Summer 2021, and colleges are contacting us about opportunities. Apprenticeships are an amazing alternative to University, providing first-hand work experience and including a recognised qualification to kick start your career.

Interested in the Accountancy route? You could be working with experienced members of a Finance Team in a large business or chartered accountants. Maybe you are more interested in getting your foot in the door at a legal company, recruitment firm, or specialist healthcare business. The Business Administration route could be for you…

Leaving school or college can be daunting, so below we have provided a guide of how our Future Talent programme works, and how you could find yourself with an apprenticeship as soon as you have left education!

A step-by-step guide

These 6 simple steps show how you could start an apprenticeship with us:

Step 1

Fill in the application form at the end of this blog, which covers key details to make sure you meet the criteria for an apprenticeship.

Step 2

Meet the criteria? Awesome! You will then be invited to a Recruitment Day, which are delivered online this year via Zoom.

Step 3

Still interested? Then you will need to complete a ‘Fact File’, which is similar to a CV. This is a one-page summary about you. It needs to read well and look professional, as it is sent out to the employer and allows us to assess your written and IT skills.

Step 4

Undertake a one-to-one interview with a member of our Future Talent team, so that we can assess whether you would be suitable for an Accountancy or Business role, and get to know more about you and the type of business you want to work in.

Step 5

If successful – then you can join our Talent Pool, where we will provide you interview training, and begin matching you to apprenticeship vacancies that are well matched to your needs and the employers.

Step 6

If we find a match, then your Fact File will be sent to the employer, who then will hopefully invite you for interview. If successful, congratulations! We will organise your start date. If not then don’t worry, you will go back into the Talent Pool and the matching process starts again.

We will regularly check in with you throughout these steps, making sure an apprenticeship is still right for you, and to ensure that this process is running smoothly.

Which companies hire apprentices?

The Academy has been in operation for over 10 years, working with a number of supportive employers who you may recognise in the graphic below. Companies like Network Rail, Haines Watts, Symmatrix and S&G Response consistently hire apprentices every year.

Do I meet the criteria?

This depends on the job role and the employer, however all employers we work with are looking for individuals with a minimum of 5 GCSE’s grades from 9 to 4 (A to C), with at least a 4 in English and Maths.

With Accountancy however, we sometimes see that an employer may be looking for an individual who is predicted to receive A-C grades at A level, with these A levels having some relation to the job role, such as Maths, Finance, Economics, Business or Accounting.

When do Recruitment Days start?

Our Online Recruitment Days will begin weekly from 11th February onward, coinciding with National Apprenticeship Week 2021.

Whilst Summer may seem far away, many of our employers recruit in advance – you do not want to miss out. Network Rail for example, employed their 2020 intake of Accounting apprentices before the country went into lockdown in March last year! Don’t be complacent, we have a form below for your convenience.

Have further questions? We have a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page all about apprenticeships – https://theapprenticeacademy.co.uk/future-talent/faqs/