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What are the top tips or pieces of advice you would give our Apprentices to help them make the most of their opportunity?

• Work hard, soak up as much knowledge as you can from the people surrounding you and be ambitious but remain humble
• Never let anyone tell that something is “not possible” or “cannot be achieved” – this has been my biggest motivator throughout my career
• To prove people wrong and break through barriers and change opinions of what is possible has always been high on my agenda.
• Make the most of the opportunity and never become complacent or lazy in your attitude to your work
• Be proactive in your career development – take charge and don’t rely on others to tell you what to do – other people can help you navigate but ultimately you’re behind the wheel in the driver’s seat.

What personal attributes do you feel have contributed most to your success?

• At the end of the day the saying “good things come to those who wait” is the most misleading statement ever
• The truth is “good things come to those who work hardest” – nothing in my opinion can replace good old fashioned hard work and determination.
• I would say my key personal attributes which have contributed to my success to date are:
• Ambition & tenacity– I’ve always wanted to reach the top of my game – many people have tried to reign in or temper this enthusiasm but it has remained at my core and has driven me to achieve what I have in my career to date
• Clear goals – I’ve always set myself goals which have been time bound and I’ve measured my level of achievement against these
• Maintaining a sense of fun – you’re in work a long time so making the working atmosphere fun, celebrating success and rewarding yourself have all been high on my priority list

Do you think more business’s should be hiring Apprentices to work within their business if so why?

• This is a tough question, undoubtedly there will always be a leaning towards graduate intakes particularly in accountancy where academic achievements are traditionally viewed favourably.
• The “millennial” graduates who enter employment with a sense of entitlement and convey an attitude that employers are “lucky to have them” seem all too common these days and this certainly only strengthens the case for considering alternative routes to attracting and retaining future talent – of which Apprenticeships are certainly at the forefront.
• Government incentives coupled with quality candidates at the Apprentice level will increasingly become a compelling alternative to graduates and as a potential employer for such roles I will forever remain a huge advocate.

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