Five tips for using email in work

Tips for using email in work graphic

Knowing the right way to use email in work is essential for making sure you send the right impression to co-workers and people outside your business. It is one of the main forms of communication in the workplace outside of actually talking to people, so it’s important that you do it right! Here are 5 tips for making sure your emails are as good as they can be!

Make sure the email is sent to the relevant people

If you send an email to loads of people that the email simply isn’t relevant to, it will annoy the recipients for a start and they will likely just delete the email. You also might get replies from people that aren’t really relevant to the email. Nothing is worse than someone clicking reply to all on a group email when the email is only relevant to one persons needs and not everyone else. Something to bear in mind.

Check your spelling and grammar

This is especially important if you are sending emails to people externally. Simple things like ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ can easily be picked up on. You must make sure that your emails make sense and is sending the right message. It can look a bit unprofessional if you have loads of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, so make sure there aren’t any.

Make a good subject line

The subject of your email is essentially the title. You have to make sure that it’s something that someone would want to click. No one is going to click an email that has no subject line, but if you attach an email that has a meaningful subject line that explains what the email is about, whoever you sent the email to will be more likely to interact with the email.

If an attachment is needed, make sure it’s there

It can be quite embarrassing if you put something like ‘See Attached’ and you forget to attach the document. You’ll either get an email back informing you or nothing at all. It would be even worse if you attached the wrong document. Just make sure you get everything right.

Keep it simple

The people that will receive your emails don’t want to read an essay over email. Especially if the email could be condensed down to a simple sentence with what you are wanting. Keep your emails to people simple, straight to the point and not overly long, people will appreciate that a lot more and it’ll be easier for you to write the email.

There you have it. 5 tips for making sure your emails in the workplace come across as professional and free of any questioning. Take notes!