Employers Interviewing Apprentices Using Online Technology

And are making offers!

The summer is a key time for students to meet with new employers and accept job opportunities with apprenticeship training and now is no exception.

The Apprentice Academy are currently working with employers throughout the country, to identify and enrol new students on their apprenticeship programmes.

All recruiting and training activities are being done safely using technology and the job offers are now starting. There were initial concerns that employers and individuals would be reticent about the new process of online assessment and interviewing – but that hasn’t been the case at all 😊

Our entire recruitment process has had to change. In normal circumstances we would invite 20 students at a time to attend our assessment centres but due to social distancing this is no longer possible. Now we run group assessment and 121 sessions via Zoom. Individuals who meet the apprenticeship criteria and then matched with a suitable employer, based on location, apprenticeship type and personal fit and interviews are arranged using the same technology.

According to a report from the Resolution Foundation, youth unemployment in the UK could rise by a staggering 640,000 this year, which would mean one million people under the age of 25 would be unemployed. Clearly this is not something we want as a nation, which is why the government have stepped in with a new cash incentive of £2000 to encourage employers to recruit apprentices over the next 6 months.

We are working hard to ensure that as many applicants as possible, secure an apprenticeship to commence between August 2020 and January 2021.

It is great to see the online process working, with interviews already taking place just a few weeks after the Future Talent programme restarted. The number of applications is higher than its ever been, and we hope to see more employers creating new opportunities, as restrictions ease.

The Apprentice Academy currently have 80 young people in our talent pool who are ready to interview. They are looking for Accountancy, Business Administration or Property Management apprenticeships.

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Together let’s lower the youth unemployment rate and get young people working.